Road to a ghost plantation

Road to an old plantation

My friend, Jen Mouton, and I went on an exploration of backroads in May 2012 and found this road, the only remaining evidence of an old plantation outside St. Martinville, Louisiana. Preston Guidry told me about this place when I described the road leading to Indigo that lived inside my mind.  (This road is close, but it’s not quite the road.)  He also shared stories about growing up in this area and ones he wrote while studying cultural anthropology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. More about that later.

About Sandra Sarr

I've written my first novel, The Road to Indigo, and am actively seeking an agent and publisher. I'm a 2013 graduate of the Master of Fine Arts Program with the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, Whidbey Writers Workshop.
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1 Response to Road to a ghost plantation

  1. Sandra Sarr says:

    Attempting to describe Louisiana dirt, I decided it looked like ground, dried ginger. What say you?


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